Tips and Tricks for Halloween Safety


Halloween is a great opportunity for the whole family to have fun together. But just like any major holiday, accidents, injuries and other mishaps can occur — whether it’s a scraped knee, a stomach ache from too much candy or having someone separated from your group. We have tips on how to avoid most Halloween […]

What you need to know to view the solar eclipse safely


On Monday, August 21, the U.S. will experience its first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in 99 years. Here in Louisiana, we’ll get about a 75 percent partial view of the moon blocking the sun. Even though part of the sun will be obscured, that doesn’t mean it’s safe to look directly at the eclipse. Here’s what […]

What’s a Safe Touch?


Parents often find it difficult to talk about sexual abuse, especially with the very children they are trying to protect. But as our kids return back to school in the next few weeks, it’s important to have these conversations. Sexual abuse is more common than most people think — more than 60,000 children nationwide become […]

Are Essential Oils Dangerous for Kids?


As essential oils continue to grow in popularity, we have to think about how to protect our children from potentially dangerous encounters with these substances. While there are safe uses for these oils, such as in diffusers or for aromatherapy, it’s important to know what is safe and what is not. 3 Things You Might […]

Summer Travel: How to Stay Safe and Healthy


Traveling has been a beloved summer pastime for decades, but it can be difficult to know how to prepare both you and your family for a safe and healthy vacation. June is National Safety Month, so whether you have plans to travel within the country or abroad this summer, here are a few tips on […]