Turning Anger into Action


When six feet of water destroyed my home during Hurricane Katrina, there was much to be angry about. I was angry that this unfairly happened to me; I was angry that my life as I knew it had been yanked out from under me, and that I had to leave my wife and two small […]

Turning Despair into Determination


The events of this summer have worn tremendously on the mental health of our community. As a Hurricane Katrina survivor, I know the emotions of dealing with flooding are not all evident immediately. While everyone else seems to be moving on, feelings of despair may be beginning for those affected. Feelings of hopelessness or feeling […]

Healing our Minds, Bodies, Spirits and Communities


The events of the past few months in the Baton Rouge region have significantly altered our community and the way it looks today. All across the region, people are coming together to overcome—whether it’s a stranger who donates much needed goods, a neighbor who helps remove damaged furniture, or that coworker, who, after losing everything, […]