If You Really Want To Win Someone’s Heart, Give Dark Chocolate This Valentine’s Day


Milk chocolate, with its velvety mouth-feel and intense sweetness, may be irresistible, but dark chocolate can provide far more health benefits for your sweetheart’s heart health. Look for dark chocolate that contains at least 65 percent cacao, the pure form of raw chocolate packed with flavonoids and antioxidants. These compounds can repair damaged cells, lower […]

Atrial Flutter vs. Atrial Fibrillation: What You Should Know


There are more than a dozen types of abnormal heart rhythms, but it seems like the only one that gets any real attention is atrial fibrillation, or “A-Fib.” While atrial fibrillation is common and should be treated with care, there are other abnormalities you should have on your radar, including atrial flutter. Atrial flutter has […]

About Dr. Kenneth Civello

Kenneth C. Civello, MD, MPH, FACC is an Our Lady of the Lake Heart & Vascular Institute electrophysiologist. He earned his medical degree from the LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans and completed his residency at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. Dr. Civello then completed a Fellowship in cardiology and electrophysiology at The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. He is Board Certified in clinical cardiac electrophysiology and cardiovascular disease. Click here to learn more about Dr. Civello.

Our Cardiologists Share their Favorite Heart Healthy Recipes


A heart healthy diet is one of your best tools for preventing heart disease. These diets are low in sodium, cholesterol, trans fats and saturated fats and promote fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich whole grains and good fats. You don’t have to sacrifice taste for a healthier diet. The cardiologists at Our Lady of the Lake Heart […]

How to Measure Your Risk for Heart Disease


Doctors use a variety of screenings to grade your heart health. Cholesterol, weight/BMI, blood glucose and blood pressure are those numbers that you should know to measure your risk for developing heart disease. High numbers can indicate that you are at risk for developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and several forms of cancer. Understanding the […]

Heart Attack Symptoms in Men vs. Women


All heart attacks are not created equally, and that is especially true when it comes to the difference in symptoms between men and women. Knowing how to identify heart attack symptoms is critical to getting treatment quicker and saving valuable heart muscle. Dr. Tara Jarreau of Louisiana Cardiology Associates offers the following advice on recognizing […]