Absences Add Up: Know When It’s Time for Your Child to Stay Home from School


When is it time to keep a sick child home from school? From runny noses to stomach viruses, children are susceptible to many ailments and are bound to catch something, and as parents, it can be hard to know when they are okay to attend school and when you should keep them home. Here are […]

Back to School: A Survival Guide


NEWS FLASH: School starts soon, which means your family’s lazy summer evenings are numbered! But never fear, we’ve put together seven ways you can make back to school a healthy transition: 1. Schedule your child’s well-check. It’s important for kids to have a well-check with their pediatrician each year to talk about their growth, any […]

Is My Child’s Backpack Too Heavy?


As your children are trying on new uniforms in preparation for the new school year, it is important to take a look at their backpacks and make sure they are also the perfect fit. Many kids carry backpacks that are too big and/or too heavy for them, which can lead to back pain. Here are […]