5 Tips for Handling Stress During the Holidays


The holiday season is upon us – a time for peace, love, good food, family traditions…and a healthy dose of anxiety. Stress during the holidays is a common experience, but we have some tips to help you deal with the anxiety: 1. Be realistic. The holidays don’t have to be perfect or just like last […]

Turning Anger into Action


When six feet of water destroyed my home during Hurricane Katrina, there was much to be angry about. I was angry that this unfairly happened to me; I was angry that my life as I knew it had been yanked out from under me, and that I had to leave my wife and two small […]

A Baby’s Developing Brain


When I remember having my babies, I remember it being exciting and scary at the same time. Unfortunately, new babies don’t come with instruction manuals! There are so many needs to be met and things to learn, and it can feel completely overwhelming. We live in such a high tech, fast paced world that we […]

Holiday Anxiety: When is it More Than Just Seasonal Stress?


The holiday season is almost upon us – a time for peace, love, good food and family traditions… And a healthy dose of anxiety. There are Black Friday crowds to navigate, airplanes to catch, feasts to prepare, stockings to stuff and in-laws to see. Stress during the holidays is commonly experienced, but how do you […]