Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient Finds Hope in New Technology


When people hear “breast cancer,” they don’t usually think of a disease affecting the brain. But Mississippi native Kimberly Hathorn knows it can do just that. Originally diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in 2007, Kimberly lived in remission until 2011. At that time, her cancer began metastasizing to various parts of her body, including […]

Women: When do you need a Pap smear?


When the Pap smear, a screening test used to detect abnormal cells of cervix, was first introduced, the causes of cervical cancer were not known. By default, Pap smears were done every year at the annual wellness visit. Over time, the Pap smear became synonymous with the annual gynecology visit. In the past few decades, […]

7 Habits of Healthy Women


Women are notorious for neglecting their own health while taking care of others. But, making a few simple changes in your life can lead to more energy and better health. 1. Drink enough water Water helps you maintain a normal body temperature, lubricate joints, and get rid of wastes. It can also help skin look […]

Time Out, Ladies! Know the Screenings You Should be Getting to Keep You Healthy


You might be sitting in carpool line, taking a parent to the doctor, helping your sister with her kids, or cooking dinner for your family – activities you have meticulously arranged around your own schedule. These days, multi-tasking is routine and necessary, and we often let duty to family and loved ones supersede our own […]