Video: Superheroes Clean Windows at Children’s Hospital


On April 20, 2015 a band of superheroes assembled to not only clean windows at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, but to have a little fun as well! When windows need washing, who better than a group of expert window cleaners willing to make our patients smile too? Thanks to Expert Window Cleaning, […]

When Allergies Attack: How to Know if It’s a Cold or Seasonal Allergies


It’s officially spring, which can sometimes mean one thing: allergies. As pollen season approaches, parents often wonder when their child is congested, “Is it a cold or allergies?” Dr. Sandhya Mani with Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group Allergy and Immunology Clinic shares some helpful tips for adults and children alike. Colds: Cold and […]

6 Ways to Teach Your Child about Sugar


Many parents make a conscious effort to keep their kitchens free from excess sugar found in many children’s foods. They steer clear of cookies, candies and other junk foods, replacing them with healthier snack options. But what about those juice boxes, sports drinks and diet sodas that are so popular? Dr. Patrice J. Tyson, a […]