Immunotherapy: Harnessing the immune system to fight cancer

Immunotherapy: Harnessing the immune system to fight cancer

Has the key to ending cancer been within our bodies all along? One of the hottest topics right now in oncology treatment is immunotherapy, a new way of treating cancer that harnesses an individual’s own immune system to recognize, control and potentially cure cancers. Immunotherapy is a different approach from conventional treatments such as chemotherapy […]

Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient Finds Hope in New Technology


When people hear “breast cancer,” they don’t usually think of a disease affecting the brain. But Mississippi native Kimberly Hathorn knows it can do just that. Originally diagnosed and treated for breast cancer in 2007, Kimberly lived in remission until 2011. At that time, her cancer began metastasizing to various parts of her body, including […]

Charles’ Story: Settling into a New Normal


Theologian Tim Keller theorizes that when people hear about a tragedy, we try to exempt ourselves by profiling the cause and identifying the ways in which we are different. We convince ourselves we are safe because we would never live that way, use that product, do that thing, or be that person. I am the […]

Travis’ Story: Healing In Our Hometown


By: Renee Norsworthy, Travis’ mom September is childhood cancer and sickle cell awareness month. The St. Jude Affiliate Clinic at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is one of eight such clinics in the U.S. to provide St. Jude protocols and treatments, close to home. This month, we will share four incredible stories of […]

New Hope and Help for People Needing Brain Tumor Treatment


As a physician with many years of experience in treating patients with brain tumors, I can tell you that this kind of diagnosis is an immensely challenging and life changing experience. Thankfully, there are more effective treatment options than ever before. Stereotactic radiosurgery/radiation therapy is an example of a treatment technique that continuously evolves in […]