Tips and Tricks for Halloween Safety


Halloween is a great opportunity for the whole family to have fun together. But just like any major holiday, accidents, injuries and other mishaps can occur — whether it’s a scraped knee, a stomach ache from too much candy or having someone separated from your group. We have tips on how to avoid most Halloween […]

Know Where to Go: ER vs. Urgent Care


Knowing whether you should be examined in an emergency room or urgent care center can save you precious time and money, but how do you know where to go? Emergency Room As a general rule of thumb, visits to the emergency room should be reserved for life-threatening conditions, such as: • Signs or symptoms of […]

When Allergies Attack: How to Know if It’s a Cold or Seasonal Allergies


It’s officially spring, which can sometimes mean one thing: allergies. As pollen season approaches, parents often wonder when their child is congested, “Is it a cold or allergies?” Dr. Sandhya Mani with Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group Allergy and Immunology Clinic shares some helpful tips for adults and children alike. Colds: Cold and […]