Understanding Growth Charts


Percentiles explained: Making sense of your child’s growth chart School is ending and summer is upon us with its swimming, vacation, snowballs, camps, and for many children, a check-up with their pediatrician. One of the most important components of a well-child visit is assessing a child’s growth – primarily by plotting his or her measurements […]

Head Lice Superbug: Hype or the Truth? A Pediatrician and Pharmacist Weigh In


The recent media coverage of a head lice superbug that is resistant to over-the-counter medicines has parents all over the country “scratching their heads” for answers. Even though this strand of lice has not been reported in Louisiana, Dr. Michele Salassi answers your questions regarding the “superbug,” and Pharmacist Laura Goldman weighs in about the […]

Can you Drink too Much Water? Staying Hydrated, Made Simple


Everyone knows it’s important to drink water when it’s hot outside, but as the heat index soars this summer, how do you know if you’re drinking enough? Recently, this article from the Washington Post suggested that drinking too much water can be dangerous, and according to social media, water can cure heart attacks and tuberculosis. […]