Charles’ Story: Settling into a New Normal


Theologian Tim Keller theorizes that when people hear about a tragedy, we try to exempt ourselves by profiling the cause and identifying the ways in which we are different. We convince ourselves we are safe because we would never live that way, use that product, do that thing, or be that person. I am the […]

Turning Despair into Determination


The events of this summer have worn tremendously on the mental health of our community. As a Hurricane Katrina survivor, I know the emotions of dealing with flooding are not all evident immediately. While everyone else seems to be moving on, feelings of despair may be beginning for those affected. Feelings of hopelessness or feeling […]

William and Torian: A Family’s Struggle with Sickle Cell


February 23, 2003 and June 26, 2004 are dates that marked the beginning of two of the most incredible and frightening times in my family’s life – the dates my two youngest children, Torian and William, were born. Both were diagnosed with sickle cell anemia as infants. Sickle cell disease is a genetic blood disorder […]

Healing our Minds, Bodies, Spirits and Communities


The events of the past few months in the Baton Rouge region have significantly altered our community and the way it looks today. All across the region, people are coming together to overcome—whether it’s a stranger who donates much needed goods, a neighbor who helps remove damaged furniture, or that coworker, who, after losing everything, […]

Sha’Tia’s Story: Care Close to Home


Sha’Tia was diagnosed with sickle cell disease as an infant. I didn’t know it then, but she experienced her first crisis at about 18 months old. All she did was sleep, and she always seemed tired. My sister told me that was not normal for her age, so I decided to take her to see […]