Bites and Stings: Protect Yourself from Pests


Insects can be serious pests during summer months, and they also carry risk of infection and disease. Mosquitoes can transmit West Nile virus, Zika virus and other diseases that, in their most severe form, can be deadly. While prime mosquito-biting hours are usually from dusk until dawn, some varieties of mosquitoes and many other insects […]

Creating a Safe Temporary Home


The Louisiana Flood has caused thousands of families to be displaced from their homes. With many families getting used to new living arrangements, many safety risks for children can emerge. Here are a few health hazards to be aware of in your new home. 1. Medications If you are living with a new family, there’s […]

Guiding Your Child Through Trauma: 8 Things to Remember


I’m sitting down to write this after spending the morning in one of the Red Cross shelters in Baton Rouge. I am always moved to see what a great community we live in and how willing people are to help each other in times of need. In many ways, being in the shelter this morning […]

Dealing with Grief and Stress from a Katrina Survivor


In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed my home, leaving my wife, my two young children and myself without a place to live. The events of that day and the years it took to rebuild are still a blur to me. It pains me to know that thousands of people in a community that cared for Katrina […]

How to Keep Yourself Safe Around Flood Water


The flood waters that continue to devastate our area not only pose a risk to personal property and homes–they may have negative impacts on your physical health. While many have no other choice but to come in contact with the water, it should be avoided when and where possible. Standing flood waters typically host a […]