Fourth of July Safe and Healthy Eating Guide


It’s probably not something that crosses your mind when thinking about the Fourth of July, but summertime picnics or barbecues offer plenty of opportunities for food-borne illnesses. Cases of food poisoning peak in the summer because the bacteria that cause these illnesses grow faster in the warm and humid weather. Try these tips to keep […]

It’s Been One Amazing Summer!


This past month, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital has ushered in summer with our annual Summer of Amazing events at the Mall of Louisiana! Mommy & Me (and Daddy too!) provides moms and dads an opportunity to get out of the heat and come participate in fun, engaging and important health activities with […]

New Hope and Help for People Needing Brain Tumor Treatment


As a physician with many years of experience in treating patients with brain tumors, I can tell you that this kind of diagnosis is an immensely challenging and life changing experience. Thankfully, there are more effective treatment options than ever before. Stereotactic radiosurgery/radiation therapy is an example of a treatment technique that continuously evolves in […]

Like Father, Like Son


For some fathers, it’s about old baseball cards or the know-how to fix cars. For others, it’s the family farm or a special heirloom. But one thing all fathers inevitably pass down to their sons is a piece of their DNA. Call it family tradition or just plain science, but it’s an inheritance that must […]

6 Common Questions Kids Have About Their Skin


Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. This month, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is celebrating a Summer of Amazing at the Mall of Louisiana. At this week’s Mommy & Me (and Daddy too!), the theme was all about safety. We invited one of Our Lady of the […]