Let’s Build Amazing! The Spring Issue of Amazing Is Here

Amazing Magazine Spring Edition

Amazing magazine features the latest stories from Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, and our new, Spring issue is not only filled with exciting updates about our hospital, but also important information for parents related to asthma and e-cigarettes. Check out the stories below and to read the digital version here. Let’s Build Amazing […]

7 Habits of Healthy Women


Women are notorious for neglecting their own health while taking care of others. But, making a few simple changes in your life can lead to more energy and better health. 1. Drink enough water Water helps you maintain a normal body temperature, lubricate joints, and get rid of wastes. It can also help skin look […]

For My Grandchildren: Why I Want to Build Amazing


Is there anything more important than having world class medical care available to our children and grandchildren right here at home if and when it is needed? For me, the answer is “No!” That’s why I am thrilled to see a freestanding Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital becoming a reality – at long […]

Head and Neck Cancer Symptoms Can Mimic Common Problems


New York-native Joe Ferrer was going about his normal daily shaving routine in July 2015 when he noticed a lump on his throat that made him pause. As a spinal cancer survivor, he knew that listening to his gut instinct about his health was important in detecting his previous disease early, so he brought the […]

How Technology is Changing Our Children


In a world where media, technology, social media and other forms of entertainment advance at a more rapid pace than parents can keep up, maintaining some level of protection over kids can be extremely difficult. From new apps, to TV shows, to hours in front of a video game, media consumes a large portion of […]