How to Choose a Pediatrician


Contributing writer: Dr. Julia Kuznetsova A pediatrician is a physician, either and MD or DO (doctor of osteopathy), who is specially trained to take care of children from birth through young adulthood. But how do you go about finding the right doctor for your child, be it before delivery or right at birth or even […]

About Dr. Sandra Franz

Sandra Franz, MD, FAAP is an Our Lady of the Lake Physician Group pediatrician at the Pediatric Medical Center in Baton Rouge. She earned her medical degree from the LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport and completed her residency at Hasbro Children's Hospital at Brown University in Rhode Island. Dr. Franz began her practice with Pediatric Medical Center in 2000. She is Board-Certified in Pediatrics and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Learn more about Dr. Franz by clicking here.

[Videos] Why We Became Doctors


It’s our mission to serve our patients. From giving routine preventive care to providing treatment for more serious conditions, we extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to those most in need each and every day. While we all have a calling to serve, the way we came to be physicians is different. Each of […]

Healthy Easter Treats You Can Substitute for Candy


This Easter, will your children be Hippity hoppin’ down the bunny trail or all over your house from a sugar overload? A holiday infamous for candy-filled eggs, chocolate bunnies and baskets of treats, Easter can make it difficult for parents to say “no” to the extra sugar and calories. Experts at Our Lady of the […]

[Infographic] What to Expect at Your Child’s Well Checks


Well checks begin when your child is born and continue until they are adults. These visits are important to prevent illness and track your child’s growth and development. At each visit your doctor will perform a complete physical and give any vaccines or screenings that are due. Keeping up with your child’s well checks can […]

Colorectal Cancer Rising in Younger People


One of my patients, Barkley Booker, considers every day a gift after being diagnosed with Stage III colorectal cancer at the age of 37. Today, the mother of two girls ages 14 and 11, is a survivor because she quickly sought medical care when she noticed symptoms. It’s important to note that Barkley’s case was […]