Team Members Show Gratitude by Giving Back


This month we focused on thankfulness and giving back to our community. Our Lady of the Lake has many team members who regularly volunteer, sharing their gifts and talents outside of the work place. The following is an example of those who give generosity to make a difference in our community. Alice Battista, RN, BSN, […]

Holiday Anxiety: When is it More Than Just Seasonal Stress?


The holiday season is almost upon us – a time for peace, love, good food and family traditions… And a healthy dose of anxiety. There are Black Friday crowds to navigate, airplanes to catch, feasts to prepare, stockings to stuff and in-laws to see. Stress during the holidays is commonly experienced, but how do you […]

Self-Esteem Starts At Home: 5 Ways to Improve It


As parents, we want to protect our children from negative messages and images that could hurt their self-esteem. In today’s world, there’s a vast amount of pressure from mass media to achieve a certain image. Unfortunately, it’s growing more and more difficult to shield every young teenager, but that doesn’t mean they all have to […]

Veteran Returns to South Korea as Missionary After War


Elton Bernard was drafted in 1951 to the United States Army and was deployed to South Korea in the 2nd Infantry Division. Now a resident of Ollie Steele Burden Manor Nursing Home, Mr. Bernard spent two years fighting for our country in the Korean War. After returning from the war, Mr. Bernard attended college at […]

Fall Produce You Can Buy Locally


Fall is a great time in South Louisiana because there are so many activities for families to enjoy as the weather cools off from the summer heat. A great way to spend some quality family time and enjoy the cooler weather is to head out to your local farmers’ market. Most farmers’ markets are filled […]

About Kathryn Fakier

Kathryn Fakier is a registered and licensed dietitian and manager of Clinical Nutrition at Our Lady of the Lake. She is also a Board Certified specialist in oncology nutrition.