Our Home. Our Community. Who Can Forget?


For several weeks, media in South Louisiana has been inundated with the images of Hurricane Katrina. We have been touched by the intensity with which the world seeks to remember an event that is impossible to forget. Honestly, we’ve struggled to find the right message that balances the progress and recovery since August 29, 2005 […]

About Coletta Barrett

Coletta Barrett is the Vice President of Mission for Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center. During the time of Katrina, Coletta worked as the Vice President of Member Services for the Louisiana Hospital Association. She was the lead for Hospital Emergency Preparedness and Response at the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness in Baton Rouge assisted in the evacuation of over 26,000 patients, families and guests out of New Orleans Area Hospitals post Katrina.

Head Lice Superbug: Hype or the Truth? A Pediatrician and Pharmacist Weigh In


The recent media coverage of a head lice superbug that is resistant to over-the-counter medicines has parents all over the country “scratching their heads” for answers. Even though this strand of lice has not been reported in Louisiana, Dr. Michele Salassi answers your questions regarding the “superbug,” and Pharmacist Laura Goldman weighs in about the […]

[Video] Local Family Farm Thrives Through Hospital Partnership


Eric Morrow is the owner of Morrow Farms located in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. A family-owned business for 150 years, Morrow Farms has always had a wholesale business model focused on growing one type of produce at a time to be sold in stores. A partnership with Our Lady of the Lake has changed this business model […]

Internship Program Gives High School Students Experience in Healthcare Careers


This summer, 34 local high schools students were selected to spend a month learning what it’s like to work in Our Lady of the Lake’s 800-bed medical center alongside 7,300 employees. As part of a Summer Ambassador Program, these high school students had behind-the-scenes access to understand how a large hospital organization is run. The […]

Recognizing Symptoms of a Concussion and Knowing When to go to the ER


It’s back-to-school time again, which means the start of school sports. Out of the various sports-related injuries suffered by student-athletes, concussions can be serious. This is a good time to review common symptoms as well as some guidelines that can help you know when to take your child to the emergency room. A concussion is […]